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Bump Up The Jam Belly Headphones for Pregnant Women on Amazon

Quick Start

  1. Remove both earbuds from the battery case.

    Note: Each earbud automatically turns on and begins flashing blue and red. If it does not, place it back in the headphone case to charge for a few minutes. Then pull it out again.
  2. Go into your phone’s bluetooth settings and pair the earbud.

    iPhone – Instructions for Pairing Bluetooth
    Android – Instructions for Pairing Bluetooth

    You may need to wait 30 seconds for the headphones to show up in your bluetooth menu. The headphones will be listed as “TWS” or maybe “F9”.

    Note: If there are multiple TWS (or F9) listings, click the last one in the list. (Because these headphones can be used as just 1 headphone left, 1 headphone, right, or 2 headphones, sometimes there will be multiple TWS (or F9) listings. The first TWS (or F9) is for single headphone, the second TWS (or F9) is for single headphone other side, the third TWS (or F9) is for both headphones. Sometimes there will only be one TWS (or F9) listing. As long as you hear music from both headphones, then everything is paired correctly.)
  3. Put the earbuds in your ears. Play a song to verify pairing is working.

    NOTE: Music should be playing on both headphones. If it is only playing on one headphone, “Forget Device” in your phone’s bluetooth, put the headphones back in their battery case, then remove both headphones and repeat Step 2 above.

    If you have any problems you can always email us at <[email protected]>.
  4. Open the belly holder and put the earbud inside.
  5. Take out a piece of circular medical tape. Peel off one side and stick it to the bottom of the belly holder. (The tape should cover the small sound hole. Tape covering this hole is part of the “Safe and Sound Technology”. Don’t poke a hole in the tape.) Stick the other side of the tape to that gorgeous belly bump.
  6. Play some music!
    (Pro Tip: You can use the other earbud to listen along with baby.)

When you’re done, just put the earbud back in the battery case. It will automatically turn off and begin charging.


Safe and Sound Technology

What you hear in the earbud is NOT what baby hears.

The earbud can get quite loud for your own personal use. Sound levels directly out of the earbud top out around ~110 dB. We don’t recommend playing your music this loud unless you want to damage your hearing. But hey, you do you.

We engineered the earbud holder that goes on your belly with “Safe and Sound Technology”.

Baby’s sound exposure is limited to under 80 dB.

This is a hardware limit.

The 3D printed belly holder has a specially designed sound tube, exactly 3.5 mm exit hole, and thick medical tape that makes it’s physically impossible for baby’s sound exposure to exceed 80 dB.

Our testing was done with a calibrated microphone and NIOSH SLM software: Lmax was 78.6 dB.

Now here’s the cool part – the “Safe and Sound Technology” doesn’t muffle low volume sounds.

When you turn the sound down in the headphone, to where it’s comfortable for you, it’s still loud enough for baby to hear at a comfortable volume of 50-70 dB.

This range is perfectly safe for baby to listen indefinitely and have no chance of getting hearing damage. Even if you crank up the volume to full blast, baby will only hear a comfortable 75 dB.

While you can safely play music for hours on end, a lot of belly headphone companies recommend limiting baby’s music exposure to short periods and then turning off the music when baby is sleeping. We also think moderation is a good thing.

Secret Button

The top of each earbud is actually a “soft touch button”.

The intended functionality is that if you put the earbud into your ear, you can tap the outside of the earbud for different functions.

  • Single tap the outside of the headphone to play/pause.
  • Hold the outside of the headphone for 5 seconds to turn on or off.
  • Some other stuff we don’t care to remember. (Press twice for blah blah blah, read the headphone instructions below if you care)

The key here? Hold the earbud by the sides.

If you touch the top of the earbud, it could accidentally turn off.

You don’t need the soft touch button at all:

  • Pulling the earbud out of it’s battery case automatically turns it on.
  • Putting the earbud back into it’s battery case automatically turns it off.
  • Your phone can control volume, play/pause, next track, etc…

Earbud Not Working?

  • Put the earbud back into the battery case.
  • Verify the LED lights show the battery is charged.
    (If no lights show, charge the battery case using the enclosed USB cable.)
  • Pull the earbud out of the battery case.

This “restart” fixes 90% of issues.

Full Headphone Instructions

F9 User Manual
(On mobile, this link will show the PDF in a new tab. On desktop computers, this link will download a PDF file, so check your downloads folder.)


The earbuds themselves charge when you put them in the battery case.

The picture above shows both earbuds have 1/4 battery and the battery case has 69% battery. The earbuds will charge automatically when stored.
As the earbuds charge, their indicated percentage goes up and the battery case percentage goes down.
Charging the battery case is done using the enclosed USB Cord. Plug this into any USB port. All USB ports use 5 Volts so any USB port will work fine.

Medical Tape

The medical tape can be used up to 10 times. So you don’t have to throw it out after the first use.

Cleaning and drying your skin before applying the tape helps a lot.

Re-covering the exposed side of the tape before putting it in the carrying bag is critical. This stuff will stick to anything, which means it will pick up anything.

You can try rinsing off the sticky side of the tape if it gets worn out. Then if that doesn’t work, just throw it out. You got 9 more pieces after that first one wears out.

We sell replacement tape on Amazon. So don’t worry if you use it a lot. We got ya covered.

Earbud Adapters

Those little round rubber things are different size earbud adapters. Try out each one in your ear until you figure out which one fits best.

Don’t worry, you can put the earbud in the belly holder with any size earbud adapter.

You Rock Momma!

Mom’s are the best.

Give that little baby a kiss for us when it pops out!

Buy Bump Up The Jam Belly Headphones for Pregnant Women

Bump Up The Jam Belly Headphones for Pregnant Women on Amazon